Yes! Another Show About Wedding Planners (and this one has a Star Trek wedding)


Another television show featuring wedding planners?  Yes, The Learning Channel (TLC) has the series premiere of their show Happily Ever Faster tonight at 10pm.  This program follows the wedding planners for the downtown Las Vegas wedding chapel, Chapel of the Flowers, whose clients are both local couples and couples from around the world who want to get married in Las Vegas.  Some ceremonies are very traditional but others are very unique.

Tonight’s episode includes a couple from New Zealand who are in Las Vegas for a Star Trek convention.  They want a Trekkie wedding complete with having actor William Shatner, Captain Kirk of the show, be the best man.  You can view the wedding planner’s hilarious interviews as she tries to find Trekkies to be in the wedding on the TLC website.

While many of the wedding shows may not feature wedding planners doing what you do on a normal basis, they have raised the public awareness of wedding planners and the hard work we do to help couples have the weddings of their dreams.


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