“You’ve Been Selected As The Exclusive Wedding Planner” Now Just Send Money …


 Wedding Planners - Offers to be "exclusive" are usually advertising opportunities requiring an investment

A wedding planner wrote recently that she had received an email naming her the “exclusive wedding planner” for her area. She was, of course, surprised but flattered. She was being offered the opportunity to participate in a CD that would highlight her business and would be distributed in bridal magazines. Of course, she needed to send money to participate, and it was a big investment.

It’s common at this time of year for advertisers and bridal show managers to approach you with opportunities that sound like they would bring you a lot of leads and referrals.

Here are 6 things to do before flattery leads you to spend your entire marketing and advertising budget on something that may not work for you:

1) Stop thinking of this as a recognition for your great services and realize this is an advertising opportunity, nothing more

In this case “exclusive” means the wedding planner will be the only one in her area who will appear in this CD. If she doesn’t pay the money to participate, they may find another wedding planner and make the same offer.

2) Google the name of the person who contacted you and the name of their company

A legitimate advertising, marketing, or bridal show company will have a professional website with information on what they do and who they are.

3) Ignore any requests that come from a free email account 

Don’t even bother responding to anyone with whose contact information is a yahoo.com, gmail.com, hotmail.com or any other free email address. These will not be legitimate business people.

4) Consider your own advertising and marketing needs

Even if this is a legitimate advertising opportunity, you have to assess if it is right for your business, your budget, and reaches the brides you want.

If, for example, it’s participating in a CD, ask yourself, are the brides in your niche brides who would actually use it to find their wedding planner or would they really just look at it for the latest trends in wedding gowns and accessories and ideas for wedding decor?

5) Realize not all leads are good ones

You may be told the opportunity will put your name in front of hundreds or thousands of brides, but are they targeted to ones who would consider hiring you?

6) Bring out your calculator

If you believe you would get clients from this opportunity, ask yourself these questions and do some calculations:

How much is the opportunity?

How much would I have to spend, in addition to my investment in this opportunity, to get brides to hire me?

(Remember, when you get the list of brides’ names, mailing addresses and email addresses, you will need to keep in touch with them via postcards, letters, or emails in order to set yourself apart from other vendors and get brides to contact you. If you do not get a mailing list with the opportunity, then you may just be buying a chance to “get your name out” and you will not be able to measure your investment so it might not be worthwhile for you.)

How many clients would this bring me?

How much would these brides spend?

How much would my profit be?

Does the amount of profit make it a worthwhile investment for me?

Do your research when someone offers you an “exclusive” opportunity. Not all offers are legitimate and even if they are, do some careful consideration and math before you accept so you don’t waste your advertising and marketing money.

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