Become a Top Wedding Planner – Learn About Planning a Pantry Shower from “Amazing Wedding Cakes”


While planning a wedding you may be asked to also help plan the bridal shower. In the last episode of WEtv’s “Amazing Wedding Cakes,” The CakeGirls were hired to make a cake for a “pantry ” themed bridal shower. For a “pantry shower,” guests bring the bride items that will fill her pantry such as; flour, sugar, aluminum foil, soups and cake mixes. With the ingredients, guests also tell the bride the recipe of a happy marriage. 

Pantry showers are not unusual, they are similar to”recipe” showers and sometimes even called by this name. For a recipe shower, you would mail recipe cards to guests in their invitations and ask them to complete the cards with their favorite recipe. They bring the non-perishable ingredients, such as pantry items, as gifts to the bride. Some also expand this to suggesting the guests can also bring the things needed to make the recipe such as; mixing bowls, wooden spoons, oven mitts, and measuring cups. On the day of the shower, you can take the recipe cards and create a recipe book or a recipe box.

In the video above, you’ll see the CakeGirls talk about their pantry party cake. In addition, the other cake designers of the episode talk about their cakes, one, Christopher Garren’s Let Them Eat Cake, with a theme from the movie, “Edwards Scissorhands” and the other, Cake Alchemy, a cake based on the chandeliers from the bride’s venue, the Carlton Hotel in New York.

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